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Talking Hello from Wisconsin

Hi, I donít have a duramax yet, but might be pulling the trigger soon. I live in Wisconsin, but Iím working in Colorado for the next few months, and they seem to use sand on the roads here instead of salt, so might as well get a non salt version. Iíve been interested in these trucks for 5 plus years but just wasnít ready yet. Iíve narrowed it down to a 2006 because that was a huge change in the transmission that year from everything I gather. Iíll be using the truck to tow horses, heavy equipment and probably some plowing to. I also figured the older the cheaper, hence the 2006. Only looking to spend around 15k. Iíve noticed some head gasket issues, anything else that goes wrong with these? Anything to look for when Iím looking at one? Is there anywhere that explains all the trim options? No idea which one I want. Thanks!
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06 and early 07 are the same trucks. Make sure the 8th digit of the VIN is D and not a 2. If it’s a 2 that’s a funky LLY/LBZ thing. You’re not correct about the pricing. LBZ is pretty much the most sought after. You’ll be hard pressed to find a clean low mileage LBZ anywhere near 15k.
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Thanks for the VIN and year tip! I was thinking of a higher mileage truck, which on autotrader right now they start at $15k in this area with like 250k miles but for $24k they have around 110k - 150kmiles. So for $9k more I gain roughly 100 - 140k miles, thatís sounds like itís worth it!
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ALL MY2006 trucks are the same hard parts wise. The "LLY" designation in 2006 is literally just a different tune compared the the LBZ. Any 06 is a great truck and so are the 07 classics.

I personally don't like the LMM purely for the body style and DPF, engines are pretty similar to LBZ. I think the main difference LBZ->LMM is the injector spray pattern IIRC.
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