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Default S475 compound kit troubleshooting...

Looking for a little help in narrowing down an issue I'm having.

Recently installed an SDP S475 compound kit, along with a DP TCT STG1 in the valley on my LML. Seemed a little sluggish, so I did some logging. The MAF reading stays at 600g, doesn't move at any time from idling at startup to WOT. The IATM jumps around quite a bit, anywhere from 80-90 degrees when moving to -40. The vanes in the valley turbo sit at 34% at all times, other than making a full open/close sweep right when I start it up. I've verified that they're not sticking by commanding them to move using a scanner, which they do just fine. Only boosting around 35-37 lbs, which I'm thinking is probably because of the MAF reading being off, as well as the vanes not moving. Using a CTS2 to watch all of this.

So far I've swapped in a brand new OEM MAF sensor, didn't change anything. Contacted the tuner to double check the tunes, according to him, they're fine.

Any help in eliminating or diagnosing would be great!
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