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Default So, Why Oval?

This http://www.duramaxdiesels.com/forum/...50&postcount=1 Kinda torqued me off.

Obviously the A$$hat hasn't bother to look into what the heck he is talking about.
But.....What do I know.

'04.5 EC/LB 4x4.
Howard Rods w/ oiler hole.
Oval Chambers and valve reliefs cut in Mahle Cast Pistons. 17.5:1
SoCal Stage 2 heads, 3388 Cam, Billet Flywheel, and harmonic balancer.
Danville 68mm VVT Turbo
100 over injectors.
PPE Dual CP3s
ProFab Castflow headers and uppipes.
100 PSIA MAP Sensor
Kennedy dual lift pump.

Dynoed 690 HP / 1200 TQ
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Jon, we know. That should be enough. Thanks for all you've done to help everyone.

Hogue is a pox.
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Pretty much everything he says is wrong. Why do you think his dragster lives on jack stands. I dropped off my replacement piston with the machinist today, thanks Jon.
2004 LB7 EC/LB 2WD Dropped 6" in the front on coil overs and 7" in the rear on 18"s, Hellwig front and rear sway bars. Caltracs traction bars.
Socal Diesel built bottom end, FI S480 Billet wheel and race cover, RDL Headers and pipes,
Dual Cp3(1 modded and 1 stock), Exergy 100% over injectors,
Socal Diesel injector clamps, Socal Stage 2 Heads/ARP Head Studs
Suncoast GMAX-5 plus some billet built by my best friend Dave(He's a Badass like that), 1058 converter, MikeL Cooler
Mag-Hytec pans on Tranny(Scraping a little) and Diff
Custom modified MBRP exhaust i.e. it dumps in front of the rear tire(Also by Dave). Never had a cat
Labonte Motorsports water/meth, AirDog II 200
Custom 5" Intake Pipe w/AFE Filter, BD Cool It Intercooler,
Torsen limited slip(POSI), Gauges
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Obviously the trade off between real-world survivability and unmeasurable, theoretical efficiency was lost there. Not unexpected for one with a narcissistic personality disorder.
--- EFI, SC IV/1058, Silverline 4," Diamond Eye downpipe, cat delete, muffler delete

2006 Jeep Liberty CRD, GDE full tq Eco tuning

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Originally Posted by TheBac View Post
Jon, we know. That should be enough. Thanks for all you've done to help everyone.

Hogue is a pox.

I'll echo what Tom said.

When it comes time to buy a set of Pistons for my rig I know what I'll be buying.

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Originally Posted by clrussell View Post
I'll echo what Tom said.

When it comes time to buy a set of Pistons for my rig I know what I'll be buying.

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X2 next motor with have oval bowls as well! went race casts because I couldn't pass up the price

If she dont go, chrome it
2002 RC/LB LB7 slammed
s472 stock fuel/stock motor/stock head bolts

died 09/16/15

born again 11/29/15 3:00AM
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I went with ovals cause they are PROVEN. Have been pushed to the limits. With updates of failures and what caused them. Also the price is great for what they are.
2013 ccsb Tow rig
2006 rclb 6.6
The fun stuff. Built motor, trans, triples, nitrous
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Ive bought two sets.. So far..
I know what basic priorities where set in the design... Strength was #1

18-19:1 cr range will be next set..
mispeeling wrods n a thraed nere u
07.5 3500hd RCLB LMM GT4088R, 4.56 gears 225/70/19.5 efi live 478k broke block
99 FL60 8.3 12v 13sp
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Hogue is the biggest f'n retard I think we have ever had to deal with period. We run your Oval bowls for a reason, they work! We are running 8.5xx's at 161mph @4500+lbs on cast oval bowl pistons without a single issue! No one else would ever even think about running a cast piston at this kinda power range but they do exactly what they are designed to do! Thanks Jon for a great idea that has proven to work in the real world!
06 LBZ "White Lightning" 2wd rclb DP built motor Carillo, 15.25:1 "Finger" Oval Pistons w/reliefs, Socal Titanium upgraded springs on Stock heads w/Socal Billet injector holddowns,ARP, head-main-rocker studs,Soca Billet mains& Dampner, Chromoly pushrds, DP B72mmstg2R1VGT/StainlessDiesel S472/87 1.0SS triples, DHD Cast SuperHighflow intake, Exergy 14mmCP3 & 250%inj,Fass, PPE Race Valve PPE Manifolds, Banks Technicooler, AFE Boost tube, SC GMax6 Goerend "G" Grizzly Locker 3.42 gears, 1198+++hp 2k+ftlbs
Current fastest pass 1.520 60ft 6.705@108.95mph 1/8th 10.242@140.11mph
Current Standing 1/2Mile record holder for Diesel Pickup @ 159.8mph
Made it on fastest DMax list with Single VGT and single cp3 fuel only! 1.589 60ft 6.9291@103mph 1/8th 10.96@127.76mph
Stock motor best 11.277@119mph B68mmStg2R 250%inj 12mmcp3

Wife's tow rig-08 LMM SierraHD SLT2 "Stormy" CCSB murdered out 68mmSTG2R Exergy 12mmcp3 1/8th 7.93@88mph 1/4-12.408@109.18mph
06 GP GXP 5.3L StealthGray Metallic
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The concept of the oval bowl and why it was created and is widely used is lost on him apparently. He'll probably invent it in a few years then it will be a great idea.

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I commented and said (in a short way) what mark said and Greg told me the oval was a "sales gimmick". I asked how known strength and durability was a gimmick. Then the thread was closed lol.

I wanted to hear Gregs response so bad.
'89 s10 daily driver
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Originally Posted by mike diesel View Post

I wanted to hear Gregs response so bad.
I've got a soundboard I could play a fart, a plop and a flush for ya, that should cover it

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I don't understand why the mods haven't kicked him off the site yet. I hate people that act the way he does. For him to say something about oval bowl pistons and say they are a gimmick!?!? I'm embarrassed just by living in the same state as him! Jon, I've been running ur Pistons for awhile now, nowhere near as much power as Brett or some of the sled pullers, and I love that I can hammer on it and not have to worry about the Pistons giving up!!! Great work.
EFIlive dsp5 by me, Built trans by me, 68 danville, stock fuel, lifted. died 6/20/2013 Cracked piston. Best time 12.75 on fuel

Alive 11/15/13: lowered, Built motor, s475, plenty of fuel, plenty of spray. Tune 3 fuel only 11.84 @114, Tune 5 little bit of spray 11.45 @ 121. Both times with melted turbine wheel, loose turbo from pedestal with blown out flange gasket. .
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Ovals will be in my next motor...
LBZ CCSB 4x4. deleted. re-routed. shimmed. EFI by Kory 4" MBRP downpipe-back w/Corsa. Alligator trans cooler hoses. 3" Pro-Fab downpipe. Transgo Jr. Banks ram air intake. MA pump rub fix. Rare Parts tie rods. Fumoto Valve. AirDog 150. Nicktane CAT filter adapter. SoCal 3388AF. ProFab charge pipe & Y-bridge. Mahle +0.020 pistons. Keyed cam & crank. ARP head studs, main studs, flywheel. Rotating assembly balanced. Merchant Auto motor mounts.

10/30/14- cracked piston
03/14/15-Back from the dead
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Greggy didnt think of the design therefor his narcissistic self must discredit the designs ability, so he can feel better about himself.
2003 Lb7
Efi Live

The Rabbit-build in progress
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Originally Posted by hondarider552 View Post
big balls if you measure in seconds of duration
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