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Why do I keep doing this?

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Originally Posted by CaptPhil View Post
I go back through this thread occasionally and just shake my head.

All told, after selling off the majority of the parts and the roller, I'm about even on purchase price and the new trans I had to put in it after the first thousand miles. So I didn't make out too bad in the end. Buying this truck turned me off of the diesel performance game big time. I still have my other lly, same setup it's always been, but have no desire to go to the track or even push it on the street. Honestly it was my fault for buying the truck, I put my faith in another person and they let me down big time. I have bought other trucks and a few boats the same way and it always worked out great, I guess I was just due to get screwed.

I am glad that Logan bought the roller and is putting it to good use. I do feel the truck could have tickled 9s with the setup I had in it. I never had a truly big tune in it and it only ever made a handful of passes under real power and with heavy wheels at that.

As far as the original owner, I have not spoken to him since the day I took the truck to Evan's and made this post. I'm sure he looks back at this and laughs that he got one over on me, and that's fine, these things have a way of coming back around in due time.

Glad to hear you ended up not taking a huge loss on it, Phil.
Mr. Dmax711 and Mr Murdock will have karma in the end. I just cant stand jerks who scam others.

What Logan is doing is where Im stuck. Wish I could weld like that.
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Got the coilovers thursday and got them in on friday. So the competition engineering kit i bought to do the lower mounts worked fine, but the upper kit leaves the crossover bar a little short. The bar they send is 40" long the inside of the frame is 41-3/16". So late friday i ran to my buddies shop and he cut me a longer piece and i got it all welded in. Theres 20 different adjustment levels for these (20 on compression, 20 for rebound) and these things WORK. My initial adjustment was a little stiff and i picked up some wheel hop launching (havnt got caltracs on yet).

I started at half way for compression(setting 10) and 3/4 for rebound(setting 15). And it was way to stiff. Truck was unbearable to drive. I lowered it down to 5/compression 10/rebound and rides smoother than it did with the factory shock setup and hooks right up. Even in 2wd, i can tell going WOT from a low speed it hooks up much better with minimal wheel spin where as it used to kill the back tires effortlessly. Ill have to fine tune it once the caltracs are in.

Overall, im happy and excited to see what my 60s will go down to now.
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Lots of thanks to Diesels Unlimited, Evan@limitless, Mark@danville
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I went to the track wednesday and was able to cut 1.61 60fts. I didnt pull my tailgate off and had some junk in the back seat so didnt go much faster, but did manage a 12.61. Now I have caltracs to put on it and i will go back and see how it does. I ended up running on setting 3 for compression/10 rebound and launched perfect fwiw
2005 lly

Lots of thanks to Diesels Unlimited, Evan@limitless, Mark@danville
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