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Talking Help with 2002 LB7 codes

There is a local diesel shop thatís been recommended by a handful of people I know that I plan on taking the truck to for diagnostics tomorrow or Tuesday. I did pull the codes and I have some info on the truck from the ex owner. Itís a 2002 Silverado 2500HD 4x4 with 270,000 on it. The engine starts easily, idles like a sewing machine and covered about 350 miles on a full tank. To my knowledge there is not much mod work other than a KN cold air intake.
If I floor it or depress the accelerator more than halfway the truck slows down/loses power and blows a nice plume of black smoke on whoever is behind me. From 500-2000 rpms it pulls great but once you pass that it loses power. I can drive it all day with very little smoke but if I get on the highway for an extended period of time, once I decelerate a CEL pops up and pulls a current code for P0087 and P1094 and will really run terrible until I allow it to sit a minute.

The fuel filter has about 4000 miles on it and I did use the priming procedure I found here.

It has thrown some intermittent codes for P0102, P0113, P0234, P1093.

Any advice or insight would be appreciated. Signs seem to be pointing to the fuel pressure regulator or injection pump. Iím pretty handy with tools having grown up in my grandads junkyard. I have zero diesel experience though. Are these tackle yourself repairs or things that should be left to a shop? One of my neighbors who claims to be very diesel savvy told me that the truck wouldnít idle so smoothly with a failing FPR (I have no way of verifying this but he once told me he smoked out with Tupac so Iím leery) .
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Why do I keep doing this?

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I moved this post into the LB7 area as it's tech related, not part of your intro. That way other members can help you out.
Good luck to you.
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I would start with replacing all of the rubber fuel lines in the engine bay. You may be experiencing a fuel line collapse. If that doesn't work it is possible your CP3 is worn out.

For your other codes, since you have a K&N filter, start with cleaning the maf sensor. It looks like it could be electrical related too
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Thank you TheBac
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Default Fuel lines

Thanks 2004, Iíll start today with those rubber fuel lines.
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