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Default First offical L5P kill

So I don't even own one and killed me a powerstroke coming home from the gym tonight

My buddy Travis went out of town for work today and left me the keys to a shiny new CCLB Denali L5P

Anywho I pulled up to a light and noticed a 15 ish Powerstroke with exhaust and 33's in the left lane. I was pretty sure he was going go for it when the light changed. Sure enough, light changes and we both ease off the line, as soon as we hit 15 mph I see the front of his truck lift, I nail it and pulled a truck length on him by 60. All I could see was ford grill and a cloud of black smoke behind us, noticed the Denali never puffed anything

We pull up to the next light and I waited thinking he would roll his window down and chat, Nope he stayed back by the bed Id be pissed too if my tuned and deleted truck got wasted by a bone stock truck.

I texted Travis and told him what happened, no f-ing way his new truck was getting beat on my watch He laughed his ass off, thankfully he wasn't pissed I raced his truck. Although he did race a guy in my 05' so were even...

I am very impressed with how well the L5P runs stock, I didn't get to run it up past 60 but out of the hole they run well

04.5 CCSB ole blue, built trans, mpi twins, 12.5X @ 108
03 Reg Cab ZF 6
05 CCSB Millennium Falcon, built eng, built trans, mpi twins, 11.51 @ 119 1.59 60
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now that put a smile on my face.good job
2002 GMC 2500HD, ECSB, 4WD, LB7,300k miles and still truckin
new style gm exhaust manifold, banks big head wastegate, PPE boost valve, banks air intake,high idle switch in cruise control, stock but not for long
EFI live tuned byMe now,dps5 switch,EGT probe and autometer boost sensor,SoCal 6spd conversion
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Lol until you hit 97 and the limiter kicks in!
I was so mad when I was winning and then BAM!!!!
Thankfully we can take care of that now
Good win
2017 2500 CC/LB "L5P" WT

2005 2500 CC/SB "LLY" LTZ
Typical mods for Longevity
awaiting stuff to go BooM then replace with more go fast parts!

And a few other retired Duramax's
06 360k aka Hog truck
07 320k aka Shop truck
07 340k Flatbed spare welding rig
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