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It looks to me like you either have a serious restriction somewhere in your intake tract or your map sensor is defective. You are sitting at 12.8 Baro and 10.7 MAP at idle just before you stab the accelerator pedal.

Actually, looking closer at the log, I'm going to guess some sort of restriction in an intercooler tube or something maybe. You can see the MAP steadily dropping at idle before you drop the hammer. Maybe a rag or something in an intercooler tube.
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Thanks for all the help guys. That gives me a lot of great info to define my tuning once I get my issue figured out. I appreciate it. I am hoping over the next couple days I'll have a chance to check for restrictions and boost leaks. Thanks for the idea JoshH I haven't thought of a restriction. Thanks for the PIDs duramaxnate. That looks a lot more useful than I was logging. I think I have got the boost leak tester figured out but thanks. I will keep you guys posted on what I find.
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Well I have taken apart all my cac piping and intake but can't find any restriction. The map sensor was reading below baro when with the truck off so I changed the sensor. Same thing with the new one though. I did find a couple of boost leaks. Fixing them seemed to make a big difference with how the truck drives. No more surging and crap like that. Still falls on its face a bit when I stab the throttle from a stop. I'm not too sure where else to go from here.
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Check voltage to / from the sensor
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