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Default P0670 affect EGR Monitor?

I have a 2005 LLY that a customer is trying to get smogged out here in lovely CA and the EGR monitor will not come up ready.

Truck is BONE stock. Reflashed the ECM from GM TDS to verify truck had a stock cal in it, checked everything egr related and all is good.

BUT it is throwing a P0670. That wouldn't cause the EGR Monitor to not come up will it?

The next thing I am checking is IGN voltage. I remember having one with this code and it being the ign switch due to low ign voltage, but never checked the EGR monitor status on that truck.


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Not sure about a glow plug code causing the egr readiness issue, but I've had issues trying to get it to read ready after a stock reflash for smog. Drove for a week and still not showing ready. Found a way to get mine ready in 2 cold starts.

Start up cold let warm for 15 min.
Drive to freeway,accelerate hard to 65, hold speed for 60 seconds, let off throttle and coast down to stop.
Accelerate hard to 65 again, hold 60 seconds, and coast to stop again.
Do this a total of 5x's
Park overnight, do it again next day, moniters should be ready.

This has worked every time.
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