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I need help with a relearn on a 95 6.5ltd

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Originally Posted by patricksnow1 View Post
I need help with a relearn on a 95 6.5ltd

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Try the diesel page. We know nothing about these old things.
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Moved here
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What relearn are you referring to? There's not much to relearn on a 95 6.5. All I could find was this:

Driveability problems may occur during the relearn stage. Depending on the vehicle and how it is equipped, the
following driveability problems may exist:
Rough or unstable idle.
Hesitation or stumble.
Rich or lean running.
Poor fuel mileage.
Harsh or poor transmission shift quality.
To accelerate relearn process after battery removal and installation, vehicle should be road tested in the
following manner:
Vehicle at normal operating temperature (cooling fan cycles).
Accelerate at normal throttle position (20-50%).
Cruise at light to medium throttle.
Decelerate to a stop, downshifting and using brakes normally.
General Motors does not provide a specific procedure for driveability relearn. If a vehicle battery was
disconnected for facilitating repairs or a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) was replaced, driving the vehicle
will enable the PCM to relearn driveability. Inform your customer that he/she may experience driveability
different from what they are accustomed to until the PCM completes it's relearn function.
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I was running data on it at idle and the top dead center offset is 0.00. So the timming between the pcm and the ip so that i may adjust injection timming by shifting the ip

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Ok so update... i bought a tech1 today and it this thing looks brand new it has every paper and booklet it comes with originally! The timing relearn is basically a number that is stored in the computer of the vehicle that the ip can be timed. Not sure if i can take a pic but in one of the booklets that came with the tool it explains how u use the tech1 to relearn the tdco. Also it can delete the from what i just read! Alot harder to understand than i thought it would be. I was confused about the tdco myself. I have a code 88 so i put my modus on it and ran data scan and my tdc degrees off is 0.00? After thinking about it i figured i should be firing before tdc so i did research on it and couldnt find anything that worked.KOKO was what i read but no luck and eventually i learned that a tech1 will do it so here i am. Tomm i will read some more and then do it! One dealer quoted me 350 and the other quoted me 200 as long as nothing broke! So they scared me away lol

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