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Originally Posted by JoshH View Post
I wish it was easier to keep a vehicle clean. I have a gravel driveway, and even if I don't drive something, it gets filthy from the dust blowing on it from other vehicles driving by. Then if I did put in the hours it takes to make one look nice, I would be afraid to drive it. That's why I usually just drive through a touchless car wash or a coin-op self car wash and knock off the heavy stuff. I know that sounds bad, but it is what it is.
Lol x2!!!
Used to keep my truck so clean then moved off a gravel road and just gave up
Then I had Kids whole new level of dirty lol
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Chemical Guys Black Light wax has been the best thing I have used on dark paint. I haven't ceramic coated anything personally, but if it holds up it would be nice.
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I wouldn’t use ceramic wax with what it cost to have it done. Hell even if you get some swirl marks they buff out. You spill a little diesel while fueling like a lot of guys do. Your wax is gone. You get a scratch and want to buff it out? Your wax is gone.

When I lived in am apartment. I hand washed my vehicular at the coin wash in the evening/morning when no one was around then would wax it at home with 100’ of extension cord off my balcony.

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