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Default LB7 Twin Turbo Install Instructions

I have a better set of instructions coming , i am installing a set in 2 weeks and will document it step by step , this one was done off of memory so hope i didn't miss a step but should be the jist of it .

LB7 Twin Turbo Install Instructions

Steps 1 – Disconnect both battery’s and pull Inner fender out on the passenger side .

2- Drain the coolant, there is a drain plug on the lower passenger side of the radiator.

3- Remove the coolant reservoir, second battery tray, and all the brackets underneath the air filter box, and the coolant hard line pictured below, it runs along the passenger side of the motor.

4- Now remove the fuel filter assembly and re-mount it with the supplied bracket as shown below. And extend the factory fuel lines with the supplied hoses and fittings. Pay attention to which hose is hooked to the inlet port marked with an arrow and makes sure the same hose goes back on the same port.

5- now remove the factory down pipe and v-band the exhaust will have to be cut to get the down pipe in [place but be careful not to cut too much off , only cut enough to install the down pipe for now and fine trim it later on .

6- Now is a good time in install the oil feed line, it hooks into the oil galley plug on the front passenger side, see pictures below for fee line configuration. Leave the line hanging until later.

7- Now install the turbo mount it mounts into the “lug” on the block just above the grounds, see image below. Leave the bolt loose for now until we get the hot pipe installed.

8- Now take the down pipe and set it in place, it can’t be installed now but it will make it a lot easier than when the turbo is in place.

9- now install the hot pipe , install the piece on the rear of the turbo first , then remove the exhaust housing from the turbo by removing the v-band and gently pulling the housing off of the turbo , bolt the housing to the hot pipe before installing the hot pipe in the truck , leave the bolts loose until the bolts to the bracket are in place ,it may be nec to grind some material off of the turbine housing between the housing and bracket as the are some casting difference’s from turbo to turbo . See image below also pay attention to the routing of the AC lines, they will bend by hand and will take a fair amount of tweaking to get into the proper spot, it may be best to tweak as you install making room for the required pieces.

10 – Now that the hot pipe is aligned now tighten all the hardware starting with the v-band first. it is crutial to tighten all hardware to this point it sets the location of the turbo .

11- Install the 90 fitting that came with the oil line on the turbo, it has to be installed while the before the turbo can be installed.

12- Now you can install the turbo back into the exhaust housing. Pay careful attention to this picture as it will show you were the oil dip stick tube needs to be placed , to adjust the dip stick just gently grab a hold of it and bend it to the proper location .

13- At this point install the coolant reservoir and extend all the lines NEC and also remember to install the soft coolant line supplied to replace the hard line we removed, there is supplied barbs, hose, and clamps.

The coolant tank sensor can be modified to fit the new sensor , it has the have a “notch” cut into the middle of it and then will plug into the new tank ,if you don’t want to notch it I can get a new pig tail that has already been modified .

The “T” hooks to the ” radiator over flow hose and then the 2 lines hook to the top of the tank, then the ” hose supplied hooks to the bottom of the tank and gets adapted the stock hose with a reducer and clamps supplied.

14-You can now install the Intercooler tube and charge pipe with the supplied hardware. Don’t forget the install the o-ring that goes in the groove between the 2 v-band flanges for the charge pipe.

15- now install the MAF sensor in the flange, and filter setup as seen in the image below. The boots and hardware will vary depending on options chose, here are the 2 most common

16- Now pull the starter and tap the oil drain line , this is not something to hurry and is critical to get right , here is a pic of the location make sure to measure and test fit the 45 deg fitting 3 times before drilling , to far out towards the edge and you will run into the lower oil pan with the drill but and wont be able to tap it , too far in and the fitting will hit the starter , about ” in from the visible line is about where the out edge of the hole should be . you will need a 90 deg drill, a 9/16” drill bit and a 3/8 NPT tap, there will be oil pouring out of the hole as you drill it, this is good as it keeps shavings from entering the pan, after you drill and tap clean surface with rage and de-greaser put a healthy amount of high temp silicone on the threads of the 45 deg fitting and thread it into the hole tapped.

17- Now re-install the starter, after the starter is re-installed you can now hook up the oil line to the fitting, the fitting supplied are push lock they do not require clamps, now install the billet drain flange supplied to the bottom of the turbo and thread in the supplied barb fitting and after cutting the hose to length push the hose onto the fitting.

At this point make sure (if you haven’t already) to install the oil feed line to the turbo also.

18 – Almost finished time to install the exhaust system to the down pipe, with the down pipe fully installed cut the exhaust so it fits as tight as you can, line the 2 pipes up and install the stainless band in the kit to cover the gap between the 2 pipes and lock them together.

19 – go back over the hole kit and make sure you did not miss a step, all lines where hooked back up, clamps tightened, and bolts tightened, if all is well then refill with coolant and oil and start truck to test for leaks, during the first drive take it easy for the first 5-10 minutes and listen for strange noises and check for leaks before testing the kit thoroughly. There will be tuning changes required for the kit to work properly.

I think that’s it , if you have any questions call for assistance

Trent Nell
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Trent Nell
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