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Didnt Josh also get the run-around from Jakes on his trans for the Dumpster, then finally go with another company?
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Originally Posted by Bdsankey View Post
So far I'm gathering the following:

1) Good triple disk converter (FTI, Circle D, Pro Torque)
2) Sonnax overrun kit (34200-40K)
3) Sonnax "Sure Cure" kit (seems to be AFL, TCC reg, and boost valve all in one package plus some extra) (SC-4L80E)
6) Sonnax line pressure booster kit (4L80E-LB1)
7) Sonnax tool kit for AFL (77754-TL)
8) Dual feed the intermediate clutches internally
9) Rebuild with borg warner high energy clutches

As for the tone wheel question, I am planning on using the adapter kit from 4L80E 4x4 to NP205 from Advance Adapters which includes a tone wheel on the input of the NP205. With that said, I don't think it makes much of a difference which way I handle the rear speed sensor it as long as there is a reliable signal to the Holley ECU/TCU.
Use the transgo afl, not the sonnax. Make sure there kit comes with the "self regulating" boost valve, last I checked there kits did not include it because it's $75 by itself. The overrun kit is only for 97+, it will not work on a 91-96. It's mostly for snow plowers. The HD2 kit isn't all bad. Several have used them, but instead of using the supplied plate, swapped in a regular 4l80e transgo plate, and internally dual feed the directs. If you're not tearing the trans down, it's the only way to easily dual feed the directs. You will also want the direct return springs and intermediate snap ring.

As to the adapter kit, you can use a regular late model GM 205 with stock adapter if you put the reluctor in the trans while it's apart. Sonnax sells them for $37 last I looked. Or if you convert a 2 wheel drive to 4x4 it will already have it. That $37 reluctor can save you the $213 adapter kit, and give you a shorter overall length.
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A lot of sonnax stuff is a fix for problems that don't exist.
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Originally Posted by onebaddmaxxx View Post
Jake has the best recal plates available for 4l80s. I keep them on the shelf.
How is your 4l80e holding up in your truck? also what weight are you at?
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