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Why do I keep doing this?

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I figured a twin 5000#-axle trailer would be the way I have to go. No surprise there.

I have a brand new 9000# winch, so ramps/tilt dont make one bit of difference to me.
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I've also got a Longhorn car trailer that I've had good luck with. It was cheap too.


December sale starts 11-29!! Enter code HH10 on our site for 10% off!!


We also handle S & B filters, Air Dog lift pumps, and Kraftwerks Superchargers.

Special Thanks to those that continue to help me!!
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Try to go the torsion axel route. When empty it tows exceptionally smooth. No bouncing.
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Based on my trailer experiences, I would look for a couple of things:

Wet suspension bolts if not torsion (verdict is out on torsion vs leaf)
Oil bath axles
Brakes on both axles
Load angle (my 24' with 5' ramps is STEEP)

I needed a trailer, so I picked up an Iron Bull with a 102" wide deck (recommend getting as wide as possible).
Whatever trailer you get, if it has ez-lube axles, bring it home, jack it up, spin tire and pump in lots of grease. Dexter does not adequately grease the axles at the factory. After the first trip, jack it up and shake the wheels looking for bearing play, most likely you will need to adjust them. Dexter uses a Chinese bearing, and the factory bearing set seems a bit too loose.
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Originally Posted by Chevy1925 View Post
I would get a trailer with dual 5200 or 6k 6 lug axles under it. Puts you well into a safe area on a 6k load. 3500 axles will do it on a light trailer but wonít be nice on bearings and brakes will feel weaker in comparison. Brakes on both axles would be good too.

As for ramps, mine have not come out in 4-5 years. 4x4 and lockers is way faster

This. I have never had a Kaufman or longhorn trailer. Only one I would say steer clear of is load trail, unless something has seriously changed. I have a 10k 20í big Tex car trailer that is a good unit, but if you can or it makes sense in your situation, go gooseneck. Oil bath hubs are less/easier maintenance, but I only have them on my goosenecks. Iím sure someone puts them on a car hauler. I have a PJ and a big Tex flatbed goosenecks and they have both been good, but are beyond what youíre looking for. In my opinion, I would stay away from aluminum trailers. What you gain in corrosion resistance, you lose in longevity especially if you are using your equipment hard and taking it into rough areas. I know you have a winch for it, but man are tilt decks nice regardless unless youíre loading like Chevy1925. Lol.

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Donít worry about the tag 🤫
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I also recommend H&H trailers. I’ve got a couple of their trailers and they are so nice. I’ve worked on a lot of trailers and H&H are some of the better built ones out there. PJ and Load Trail are junk, I’ve got friends that have them, one had both and he sold them as soon as he could.

its pretty rare to see torsion on an open trailer, but if you are never planning on taking the trailer off-road they are nice. If you will have it off-road from time-to-time stick with leaf springs, they ride just fine when you have a load on.

Oil bath are nice, but they are very expensive and you have to tow that trailer a lot to make it worthwhile. I’ve pulled one of my trailers probably 40,000 miles or more and the EZ-Lube hubs work great, especially when you use a synthetic grease.

Some aluminum trailers are junk, some aren’t. I’m not a huge Featherlite fan, but a buddy of mine has an aluminum Featherlite that I want to say is a 1989. He has it loaded all the time with staging, cement mixer, pallets of cement, tools, etc. and he pulls that thing everywhere and he doesn’t have one crack in that trailer. The wiring was trash and I had to redo it all for him, but structurally it is still tight and sound.
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