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Default EFILive FlashScan FAQ

General Questions:

Q – What is EFILive?
A -
EFILive is PC based, Scanning and Tuning Tool for diagnosing and tuning late model electronic fuel injected vehicles.

Q - What's FlashScan V1 and FlashScan V2?
A - FlashScan V1 -
is our first generation interface that supports VPW communications protocols (mostly pre 2005 communications). This interface requires Vehicle-Interface-Laptop/PC connection to read/program a vehicle.
A - FlashScan V2 - is our 2nd generation interface that has hand held programmer like features, standalone logging via internal memory or SD memory card (currently in BETA), and standalone reading and programming (scheduled future enhancement). V2 supports VPW, CAN and several other communications protocols. For the full run down on V2 capability here is some reading http://www.efilive.com/overview_flash2.aspx.

Q – So why the two names – FlashScan and EFILive?
A -
EFILive is the name given to our software, FlashScan is the name of our interface, and together they make our Scanning and Tuning package.

Q - What GM Engines can I tune with EFILive?
A -
FlashScan V1 Duramax LB7, LLY, Allison 1000, LS1/6 1998 - current, LL8.
A - FlashScan V2 Duramax LB7, LLY, LBZ and LMM. Allison 1000, LS1/6 1998 - current, Vortec 98-00, Inline 4, 5 and 6 engines, & LS2. To see an up-to-date listing of supported vehicles check http://www.efilive.com/supvehicle.aspx

Q - Can EFILive and FlashScan be used on the LBZ and LMM motors?
A -
FlashScan V1 – No, LBZ/LMM require CAN communications, FlashScan V1 does not support CAN
A - FlashScan V2 – Yes

Q - Can I download the software for free?
A -
Yes, have a play around..... http://www.efilive.com/downloads/ , while you’re at it download a couple of tunes from the Duramax Diesel Tune Library. http://www.duramaxdiesels.com/forum/...splay.php?f=31

Q - Does EFILive have it's own home page with more information, prices, etc?
A -
Yes, http://www.efilive.com

Q - Where can I purchase EFILive?
A -
http://www.efilive.com/resellers.html or https://store.efilive.com/
If you reside in the USA or Canada, we recommend purchasing EFILive from one of our US based resellers. You will save on shipping and duty.

Q - Do any Duramax Diesel Vendors Sell EFILive?
A -
Yes, McRat Racing and SoCal Diesel both sell EFILive.

Q - Can I still buy FlashScan V1, and will it be supported when FlashScan V2 enhancements are finalized?
A -
Yes. FlashScan V1 is currently on run out sale for $549, units will be sold until we run out - that might be 3 weeks it might be 3 months! FlashScan V1 will continue to receive regular updates and enhancements until the end of 2008 at least, probably longer.

Q - How many vehicles can I tune with my interface?
A - FlashScan V1
has the capacity to store 25 licenses, so that’s 25 modules (ECM or TCM). 2 are shipped with your cable, the remaining can be purchased as needed, simply purchase and receive your activation key.
A - FlashScan V2 can store up to 221 VIN Licenses – a VIN license can include BOTH ECM and TCM, giving better value for money.

Q - I'm new to EFILive, which product will work best for me?
A -
That depends on what vehicle(s) you want to tune today, if you have a laptop, and your vehicle plans for the future.

Q – So how difficult is it – will I be able to make EFILive work for me?
A –
Users don’t need a computer degree to make this work. The PC side of EFILive looks and feels like any other windows application – point and click, copy and paste etc. From a vehicle understanding perspective, users need some basic vehicle knowledge and a desire to read and learn to understand the specific parameters of their vehicle.

Q – Are their Help Files/User Manuals to help my learning curve?
A –
Yes. There are help files and tutorials within the EFILive software installation. In addition, there is a Scan Tool Manual, a Tuning Tool manual and a number of tutorials on our website. Our manuals teach you how to use our software NOT how to tune your vehicle. http://www.efilive.com/download.aspx#downloads7

Q – So how do I learn how to tune my vehicle?
A –
Reading forum posts is a good start – see what other people are modifying, ask lots of questions, download tunes from the repository and compare against stock tunes. These are all good ways to learn. In addition we suggest reading the Tuning Tips and Tricks sticky located

Q – Can I get software assistance outside of the Duramax Diesels forum?
A –
Whoever you purchased your EFILive package through may offer phone support, alternatively, EFILive has its own support forum. http://forum.efilive.com/index.php

Q – Can I change DIC messages with EFILive
A –
Yes, custom DIC message can be displayed during reading and programming, but are only temporary. This feature was added in V7.4, and may be updated in the future.

Scanning Questions:

Q - How does EFILive Scantool compare to a $4,000 TechII?
A -
As good if not better - you can even lock gears for Dyno use. EFILive's scantool allows you to monitor as many data parameters from your engine as TechII does except you can view them all on a full color laptop screen. You can of course also save as many log files onto your PC as you wish.

Q - I don't have a laptop, what now?
A - FlashScan V1's
interface can actually log approx 25min of data without a laptop, great for quick drives or drag racing. Just download the logged data onto a desktop PC later.
A - FlashScan V2's interface was made as a standalone unit. It has the capacity to store up to 3 hours of data without a laptop. The SD Memory card option allows for unlimited logging and tune storage. A 256MB SD card can log for a full week (24/7) and still have capacity to store tunes. Of course with typical SD memory card sizes now several Gigabytes in size it’s safe to say that the storage is pretty much unlimited. You will need a PC to download, review and edit.

Q - Does EFILive support ECM output overrides like TechII?
A -

Q - How many vehicles can I log with EFILive?
A -
Unlimited (if the vehicle is supported), you can log as many as you like, our licensing scheme only requires using a license on reading the ECM/TCM contents.

Q - What sort of data can I see with the scantool?
A -
You can monitor over 100 different data parameters on the Duramax, these include Fuel Pressures, Injection times, Balancing rates, RPM, Engine Temp and many, many more. This list is enhanced regularly with EFILive developing our own PID’s not even supported by TechII.

Tuning Questions:

Q - What is the difference between 'X' handheld and EFILive?
A -
With brand 'X' handheld you are locked into whatever tune has been developed by that vendor, if you are unhappy with something you can try to get the vendor to work with you to fix the problem or live with it! If you had EFILive you can 'tweak' your own tune as many times as you wish to get the truck running how YOU want it.

Q - What is the difference between 'X' plug-in and EFILive?
A -
Plug-in modules sit between the ECM and the sensors / injectors and modify incoming and outgoing signals from the ECM, therefore every plug-in module is only 'fooling' the ECM, the calibrations within the ECM will always be the standard factory ones. This is why DTC's (Check Engine Lamps) get set because the ECM eventually senses something is not correct. EFILive does not fool the ECM, it programs in new settings directly into the ECM's Flash memory.
Connectors are a very common source of problems in engine bays and unplugging/replugging them is asking for trouble, with EFILive there is no need to even lift the hood to alter your tune, users retain totally stock appearance.

Q - So just what can I change in the ECM with the program?
A -
Of course the basics like tire sizes, speed limiters, turn on/off DTC's, but you can also change all the fuelling tables, boost control, fuel rail pressure controls, EGR.
LB7 - over 200 parameters that can be modified
LLY - over 300 parameters the can be modified - don't worry about the difference in numbers - LLY didn't get anything extra over LB7, the LLY ECM is very different to LB7.
LBZ - over 200 parameters that can be modified
LMM - over 100 parameters that can be modified; with more being added.
Compare those parameters with what a handheld tuner will let you change!

Q - So just what can I change in the TCM with the program?
A –
Shift points, Torque converter lockup control and more. This allows you to get your transmission shifting to suit your driving style.

Q – What is DSP˛ and DSP5 ?
A -
DSP˛ stands for Duramax Switchable Program˛. It’s an EFILive developed custom operating system that allows you to switch on the fly between 2 tunes that you create. You do the install yourself, simply install a toggle switch, wire it to your ECM, flash in the DSP˛ operating system, and your right to go. In addition to switching between tunes, your DSP˛ can also activate specific functions when certain conditions are met. (i.e. Switch off N2O when changing gears).

DSP5 is the same as DSP˛ but you’re able to switch between 5 tunes.

Further enhancements are being added to DSP - soon you will be able to toggle between tunes via your FlashScan V2 keypad eliminating the need to install a switch.

Q – Is DSP˛ and DSP5 available for my LBZ or LMM?
A -
No, currently DSP is only available for LB7 and LLY, however planning and development has started for LBZ and LMM.

Q - My buddy told me he has a great tune done for he's truck, can I copy it?
A -
Yes you can. You can even copy just certain tables if you wish, compare two files and much more. However, EFILive strongly discourages the copying and sharing of any copyright 'performance' tunes.

Q - I tow my LS1 race vehicle with my Duramax, can I tune both?
A -
Yes you can, you just require a programming license for each vehicle you wish to tune if it is supported by EFILive.

EFILive's web site
Download EFILive software (for free)

Don't fool your ECM!, Custom Tune it with EFILive.

2001-2016 DURAMAX 6.6L Custom Tuning Software NOW AVAILABLE

2014-2016 DURAMAX 2.8L Custom Tuning Software NOW AVAILABLE

2006-2016 DODGE CUMMINS Custom Tuning Software NOW AVAILABLE

See what other vehicles you can tune today.
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