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Default No boost and lots of smoke?

Today I had my truck dyno'd at the let it roll event at ATS. Fist to pulls on the dyno everything look good. The guy floor it to do the third pull and say man the tubros must be heat soaked. I got of the dyno and got my numbers they we low. I drove around the block and noticed my truck wasn't running right. No power and lots of smoke. I drove it home. I have very low boost and alot of smoke out of the tail pipe. I watched the video of my truck when i got home. You can see the first to pull the exhaust is being blow way out where the last pull just a big black cloud. I checked all the intercooler boots for a tear and didn't find one. O blew air in the wash gate to see if it would move thinking it might have been stuck open. The wastegate moves like it should. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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Pressure test the system. Check up pipes for leaks.
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Cracked intercooler?
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Originally Posted by Ne-max View Post
Pressure test the system. Check up pipes for leaks.
This. ^^^
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