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Originally Posted by dylon333 View Post
really appreciate all the advice.

I changed pressure table back to stock, upped the timing limiter, changed vane positon table back to stock and adjusted the ect vane table. think i fixed what you guys were talking about in my pulse table, and smoothed out my timing table and fixed a few things in there after rerunning timing calculator. Going to load tune tomorrow morning and see what kind of changes this made.

here it is if anyone wants to check it out.
When Rob talked about tapering down the pulse table as pressure decreases, he didnt mean all the way down to the low pressure cells. Set your desired pulse in the 160-180mpa / 120mm3 cells, then blend down to stock pulse in the 120-150mpa / 80-110mm3 cells.

The ecm will never use the high mm3 / low MPA cells (where the pulse is really high from the factory) because of MAF limiting so dont worry about changing those areas.

Someone else noted that you need to log the mm3 while cruising, and you should. Your increased timing in the 1700-2000 rpm / 20-30 mm3 (assuming for mpg increase) is a very narrow window and your truck probably cruises beyond that mm3 range.
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Logging the truck is where I got the timing idea to change for cruising range, and is deff mage a huge impact on my mileage already. Hand calculated.
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