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Default Baro & MAP

newbe needs info, What readings do ya'll get for Baro & MAP? Mine are, Baro. 100 kpa & MAP 107 kPa at 750' elevation, key on, engine off. The repair program spec, is no more than 5 kPa, at that my ecm's bad. This LBZ only has a MAP sensor or my reference is incorrect.
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The baro sensor is in the ecm and I wouldn’t be to worried about it. If you live in a area were the elevation doesn’t change much more than 3500ft I would just tune your timing and boost tables so they stay on one and don’t change. It’s not worth replacing the ecm over I’ve had to do this to a couple of times and they run fine when told what tables to use. The ones I’ve seen were reading really low and the ecm was using high altitude tables trucks ran like crap due to not making much boost.

And really yours will be fine since it’s reading high anyways you will normally be on the low altitude tables.

Edit: read through to fast, Do you never see the baro change or are you having problems with boost control? You could try a new map sensor and see if it gets the two values a little closer.
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Yes I have some data files captured early this month where Baro was 85.6, and MAP was 90.9, 91.8, 93.3 here in N.Tx. At this elevation it should be 101.5 kPa to 102.5 kPa. This truck tows a travel trailer allover this great country, I'm concerned about elevation changes. We have seen a 11.5K pass. I have another MAP and will check it's output.
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