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Sounds impressive.
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Originally Posted by coker6365 View Post
I figured I would share this funny moment. I wish we would have thought fast enough to catch a video.

My buddy's dad came down from Nebraska to Texas so we decided to take him for a spin in the LBZ last fall. Took him out to the country on a farm to market road and did a small boosted launch on Tune 3, roughly 830hp, then headed back to the house. He was grinning ear to ear.

On the way back, I noticed a white car hauling tail and catching up to us pretty fast. We were just cruising around 50mph and shooting the bull. When I realized it was a brand new paper plate corvette, not sure yet if it was a base model or Z06. I slowed down, threw it in 3rd, turned on the lockup box and just waited for him to pull around while still on Tune 3 at roughly 40mph. Both him and his dad were looking around wondering what was going on until his dad noticed the car. The vette pulled around to pass and as soon as I saw his front end lift, we poured the coal to it. It was dead even until my 4-5 shift, then he started inching forward and the front of his car barely made it to the rear bumper before we quit. I am guessing 140mph or better since the speedo was buried a while back and we were close to the 4200rpm shift point. LOL

We slowed down and I stuck my hand out to give him a thumbs up for the run. You could see his pissed face over the steering wheel as he flipped us off. I let him pass and noticed it was a Z06. Poor guy must have felt pretty bad for taking a loss to 3 rednecks in a regular cab farm truck. His dad was laughing and wanted to know who I paid to show up at that perfect moment.
Times like these rarely happen to me. My truck is far from 830 hp but still. I beat wrxs and stis but man good on ya.
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Dumbass probably didn't down shift though...
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