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Default Barometric issues

Got a lly all stock other than egr removed that is throwing codes
P2229 (barometric Pressure Sensor High Circuit)
P0234 (Turbo Overboost)
and P0100 (MAF Sensor)
have tried stock tune and other tunes in it no change, replaced baro, MAP and Maf sensor. (Rescaled Maf sensor and so far that code hasn't came back it was reading high) The Baro and MAP are reading 24-25PSI key on not running and key on while running no change other than the MAP may go up 1PSI (located in FT Worth Tx). I have done a lot of searching and I'm assuming its wiring issues now, which I am horrible at! So with that said the baro has 5 volt reference from ecm to sensor then back to ecm and one ground I believe? does anyone know the pins to check at ecm and the correct engine harness plug pin to check?
EFIlive dsp5 by me, Built trans by me, 68 danville, stock fuel, lifted. died 6/20/2013 Cracked piston. Best time 12.75 on fuel

Alive 11/15/13: lowered, Built motor, s475, plenty of fuel, plenty of spray. Tune 3 fuel only 11.84 @114, Tune 5 little bit of spray 11.45 @ 121. Both times with melted turbine wheel, loose turbo from pedestal with blown out flange gasket. .
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