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Default O-ringing of block

Sorry for so many questions lately guys, in the final stages of building my lmm here in Australia, and just making sure everything will be sweet so i don't run in to many issues.

so i have spent a fair bit searching around and reading about O-ringing the block but can't find much info at what power level it should be done.

a few people have suggested that i should. and then have seen some posts saying its not needed till around 900HP

So currently going to be looking at running 750-800 hp single turbo from mark, on either genuine mahle, or wave stopper head gaskets with 625+ head studs.
possibly in a few years time like many years down the track might look at putting another turbo over that one. when ever (if i ever put another turbo in) it wont see no more then 900hp, due to the drive line this combo is in wont be able to handle it.

i feel like i don't need to O-ring but would like to hear other peoples opinion on this.

if we do need to O-ring i wouldn't mind hearing the details on what needs to be done, dimensions ect
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There are some good YouTube videos of them o ringing a Cummins.
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I wouldn’t mess with it at your power level... If you you planned on going over a 1k hp at some point then yes but not for what your planning.

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Oringing the block will work with standard ARP 2000 studs but with 625s at the power level you are talking you won’t need it. It isn’t very expensive to do anyways so I would do it for the room to grow if you desired.

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