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Default opinions on this Ingersoll Rand air compressor

I've been kind of just looking for somthing on craigslist locally but havent found anything, I dont use alot of air of even have any air tools right now, I use cordless tools as much as I can but it'd be nice to have an air compressor I seen this one in a flier is it any good? With proper maintenece can I expect a long service life out of it?

Its $999 at Tractor Supply but here is the Northern tool link because it has more detailed specs that TSC

I was also looking at a two-stage 5hp Quincy compressory that had a 60 gallon tank but that was substanially more at $1400.


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That's a big investment when u don't use them atm. Unless u plan on using them a lot I would say go smaller
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The IR's are great I have 2 in my shop the 7.5 HP/80 gallon and 10 HP/120 gallon type 30's. Mine run hard 5 days a week and not a problem in 5 years since purchase. Just maintain it and it will last your life time, if its not 40 hour+ work weeks. Get an auto-drain if you can, well worth it. A mix of air tools and cordless is always a good thing.
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IR is probably the best,i got a used husky 80 gal 2 stage off craigslist for 400 and i love it.Theres deals out there expand your seach a little i had to drive 100 miles round trip for mine.
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Originally Posted by flyinelvis11
i'll let you use anything i got except my wife and my truck; it's too easy to throw a rod in either one):h
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Originally Posted by McRat View Post

You come off as a Timeshare Condo salesman on this site.

If you were helping folk with problems, or asking for input on your problems, it might be different, but from where I see, you are only a little different than the Russian spammers selling iPads that we delete.

Act like more of a human, and less like a spambot, and you'd probably catch less heat. This is "family", and it's our corner bar, and a group of guys with grease all over them leaning over fenders of somebodies truck that ain't making the right boost.

It's also one of few sites with more hardcore wrenches and racers than wannabees.

You're welcome to be a member here, and post about your build, but don't expect people to shower you with roses yet. That comes with seat time on the site, and on the track.
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I love my IR. Not a problem in 2 years.
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I recently went through the same decision, and I shied away from the IR from all of the complaints about motor failures on the smaller single phase powered units(particularly the 5HP ones made in MEXICO). The QUINCY will be the last compressor you ever buy though as they are a solid piece. I decided on a BEL-AIRE unit myself. It was priced right about the same as the IR unit, is a true commercial grade unit, and is built right here in the US. The only drawback to it is they use an aluminum block with a bolt on cast iron cylinder assembly. It is very durable, but the aluminum block makes it a little louder than a solid cast iron one. And if you plan on using it alot, I would go with one that has a magnetic relay on it for switching it off and on. mine doesn't have it, but I don't put but a few hours a week on it. And definately go with a 2 stage compressor, I can't believe how much less water I have to drain from the tank with a 2 stage VS my old single stage unit(and the added pressure sure is nice for the impacts).
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I've been using a 7.5hp/80 gallon IR with the built on dryer and auto drain for a little over 10 years daily. I'd buy mine again in a second.
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I do not have an opinion on the Ingersoll Rand air compressor because I haven't used it yet. I already used many different air compressor because I do not own one. Whenever I need one I go for air compressor rental services. This is very convenient because I always get the right size and it is cheaper than buying one. Next time I will check if they also have Ingersoll Rand air compressor.
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Originally Posted by cjake View Post
I do not have an opinion on the Ingersoll Rand air compressor because I haven't used it yet. I already used many different air compressor because I do not own one. Whenever I need one I go for air compressor rental services. This is very convenient because I always get the right size and it is cheaper than buying one. Next time I will check if they also have Ingersoll Rand air compressor.

I know the Aggreko guys, here in Phoenix, and they rent large equipment.

Not what's being talked about here.

I worked for the IR dealer in Vegas. And, had a lot of training with them.

One of the features of the Type 30 was the ability to service the compressor with stages 1-4 rebuilding kits. Stage one being the minor one with intake, exhaust valves and gaskets. Stage four was the major overhaul with piston, rings and everything in the first three kits.

We sold the electic motor in odp (open drip proof), TEFC (totally enclosed, fan cooled) and X-proof (explosion proof).

So, as stated above, they may now source their motors cheaply.

We competed with Quincy, Sullair and Atlas-Copco.

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I used to have a 220 80 Gallon Bel-Aire and loved it. Sold it to an old boss, moved it to the shop, dont work there anymore and now I dont have my compressor

On the hunt for another one now for my new shop.
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I have the IR one you listed it is nice and fairly quite but will not keep up with a 1" gun but all other tools it is fine.
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