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don't know sh!t about IFS

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Originally Posted by DMAXchris View Post
I played with slip limit a lot and I still never had it lock on its own below 4th gear, even in T/H.
yeah there were some tables missing for the newer stuff and even the older stuff that made adjusting lock ineffective. IIRC EFi live added a few more but the LLY were still hit or miss due to a miss mapped table i think.

But regardless, the fact it wouldnt lock till 4th means the slip was so great the tcm would not lock it. my old Precision was this way, i saw 2200rpm slip difference in 2nd gear on the tow tune. terrible. never would break the tires loose unless i was locked. different story with this G.
Originally Posted by JoshH View Post
Mike L is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up.

02 LL7 2500HD CC/LB dmax/alli "The Limo"

BIG THANKS TO: Mike L, Steve, Trent, Guy, Dan, Ruben, Josh H, Scott, Brian and everyone else who has put a hand in to help me.

best time to date: 12.39

motor died/bent rods = 3/11/11
back from the dead 7:04pm 4/9/2012

Limo is back in the garage, now driving a built chevy tracker
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Tuning has a tremendous impact on how your tranny feels. I havenít experienced these complaints with LMM trucks.

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Originally Posted by Chevy1925 View Post
I have 0 issues with getting my G to lock when it should and running the big tune (around 900rwhp). Even turning the slip limit down in the tune to stock it was still locking (found this out when we did the 6 speed swap). The problem here is the G will not work for everyone either. Its all about getting the right combo of parts to work with each other. 37's need gears or you load the engine harder making it easier to blow through the converter. the G is tight/low stall to get the great coupling so large valley turbos wont like it. i have pulled my 5th wheel with the converter unlocked due to an electrical issue and at 26k gross it was pulling along at 55-60 up rolling hills without flying through the converter. that was in 5th gear as well. saw about 6-700rpm slip from what lock up would have been and about 40psi of boost under about 3/4 throttle.
I imagine the old 1057 is close to the G, I still have mine that I bought in 06 thatís in good shape. I guess I could throw it in if Iím not happy with the R just wanted something a little looser than the 1057 that thing was so tight it would spin the tires in the dirt just from going to drive or reverse from a stop without touching the gas, it was real bad in the snow you definitely had to use the brakes. Great towing converter though and thatís what the truck is mostly used for anyways.p
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Originally Posted by Chevy1925 View Post
yeah there were some tables missing for the newer stuff and even the older stuff that made adjusting lock ineffective. .
There was a guy in 2013 that figured this out and then I never heard anything more. It was a thread on the efilive forum. I'd feel happier if I could fix the TCM tuning slip limit and ditch my lockup box.
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3794 stg2 with DK converter...... When I floor it, tires shred. No blow through on this converter. Next is the 68stg2r and the R converter.
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