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Default Glow plug tip removal for 2011 2500HD

I wanted to share my method of removing a glow plug tip that broke off on my 2011 2500hd since I found nothing really helpful online.

I was throwing a code for a bad glow plug and took on the task of replacing.
First mistake was buying autolite replacement plugs.

The oem came out fine.
I then put the replacement autolite plug in. Tightened the housing and tightened the electrode. The electrode broke off with hand tightening. I proceeded to remove the new glow plug and the tip broke off!

I tried for hours to remove it with no luck. I decided to take it to my local diesel repair shop with hope they had the tools to remove. After two days of them spraying penatrading fluid and pliers they told me the head needed to come off at a cost of 3200-3800 dollars. I told them to kick rocks and decided to try my own method. Or just drive the truck in hopes it would never get sucked into the motor:

Tools needed:
King nut
Autolite plug remove all internals just keep the housing
Harbor frieght Surgical clamps (to try to remove before having to to do all the other work)
Harbor freight Slide hammer 3lb from harbor freight
Drill bits
Dremel tool to sand off threads
JB weld:

I sanded off the threads of the glow plug
Drilled the heating element end of the glow plug to give the Jb weld a good bite
Welded the 12mm hex head on the glow plug to re-enforce the housing
Welded the King nut to the housing
Cut a 9/16 bolt head off to use the treads with the slide hammer
Packed the glow plug housing hole with jb weld
Let it sit to harden up a little
Pushed it in the glow plug hole and one slight twist
Let it sit for 24 hours to cure
2 wacks the next day and the tip came out.

I did put penatrating fluid in the glow plug hole the day before then cleaned out.
I lubed the glow plug housing with penatrating fluid in case some jb weld came out to help not Glue to the head.
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Autolite=sometime they lite but most of the time they bite glad you got it fixed
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