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Default LMM Injector Source from Australia ?

Hi, my Nissan Patrol Duramax conversion may need a replacement injector soon as the balance rate is getting close to limit of -4 on one. Any good tips for reliable places to buy a couple ? or should I bite the bullet and replace all 8 with larger ones ? They are std at moment but not sure how much the fuel pump will supply ? Thanks in advance for any tips as its hard to get parts down under !
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I wouldn't change them until you have issues like haze at idle or decreased performance personally.

Balance rates are helpful but don't necessarily mean it is 100% junk but it could tell you it is time to start watching for signs.

Also, if it were me, I would decide what power level you want as that what will dictate buying stock size or larger than stock injectors.
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Default LMM Injector Source from Australia ?

X2 especially if you think you might want larger injectors.
I got one that hits +10 sometimes. Truck runs great no haze and no fuel in the oil.

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Hi Dick,

Go and see shaun at diesel central, he has a heap of duramax injectors. He might be able to sort you out. Close to you also.

Thanks Heath
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Can confirm that diesel central have a set of 8 to suit lmm, the want 4500 for them. Best to buy them now as i was told the the next ones they bring in will go up in price to 5600. I was going to buy them but changed my mind and getting a set of 100% overs
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