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Default 04 6.0 to lb7 swap problem class 2 data

So ive swaped a lb7 in a 04 2500 hd
Finnaly figured out my shift problem [ shift solenoids)
The only problem i have left is efi live wont read live data or tune it will give me trouble codes and conect that much.
But data also cuts out as far as shift selector
Ive taken voltage readings at the splice pack all i get is .435 most everywhere. Also have taken readings at tcm ecm no 5v on data line . 5v ref wire has 5 v the sensors ive checked have 5v. Just not data engi e runs great. I dont get it any ideas?

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Do you know if you wired the twisted pair for the obd port, and if you switched around the yellow wire for the transmission wiring? I can get pictures if needed, but if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you may need to conduct these wiring projects first.
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Have you tried pulling the radio and info fuse?? Then try reading/flashing....

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After having issues with locking multiple LB7 ECM's, I have gone to removing the ECM's and using a bench harness for all LB7 ECM flashing. I got tired of having to send the ECM's back to SoCal, and have NEVER had an issue with a bench flash.

I got my bench harness from https://www.eficonnection.com/ There is also a way to make your own harness if you are savvy and don't want to spend the extra $$.
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