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Originally Posted by unionmax481 View Post
I've talked to few guys about this and there is a lot 1k-1200 hp trucks with 625 studs no Orings with no issues
I've heard this as well.

I'm around 1k and have the cheap ARP studs with a 0.050 gasket from SoCal and its held just fine at 70-72psi of boost out of my 475 with lots of fuel.
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I do have the cheaper studs in mine also right 1100 hp with Danville 68 with 488 85 psi of boost still holding good but I am going to change over to the 625
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going o-ring or fire ring is dependent on power level, what you plan to do with the truck and the abuse the engine will see. some guys need it at 1000hp, others get away till 1300hp.
Originally Posted by JoshH View Post
Mike L is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up.

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BIG THANKS TO: Mike L, Steve, Trent, Guy, Dan, Ruben, Josh H, Scott, Brian and everyone else who has put a hand in to help me.

best time to date: 12.39

motor died/bent rods = 3/11/11
back from the dead 7:04pm 4/9/2012

Limo is back in the garage, now driving a built chevy tracker
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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
I am running around 900HP and 80lbs of boost.
Wagler sent me some O-Rings that are 0.070' thick and was told to cut 0.063', only leaving 0.007" of protrusion. Does this sound correct? What size wire is everyone running and how deep are you cutting?
I am just looking to O-Ring the head...

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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
Listen to wagler. Why are you second guessing them?
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Guys, I am just comparing o-ring sizes..
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