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Default Importing a Duramax From Canada

Hey guys, I am new here and have searched the site high and low seeing if someone has bought and brought in a Duramax from Canada. I was recently up there for work, and found a good deal capitalizing on the weaker Canadian dollar. I thought I would ask you guys since some of us border CA. I have checked the US customs website and haven't had much luck. I was hoping just to hear if anyone has done it, and if they have did they do it on there own or hire a broker. I would really like to not spend the money on a broker. I also would like to apologize ahead of time if this is a dumb question. I have been digging around all over and just cant seem to find the right answers. Thanks
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This might help

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Easiest thing to do! we buy trucks quite often out of Canada. Log on too Gm Canada. Go to the "live chat" option. And tell them you are looking for an epa dot compliance letter because you wanna buy and import a truck from Canada to the USA. You will need vin # and name and address of registered owner. If truck is clean and "clean title" which we haven't had, you won't have a problem with any Duramax. They will then email you a the "compliance" letter usually with 2 days. That letter and a bill of sale. You will be able to cross border.
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