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wait, what?
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Default Local shops in ND

So since McRat said it was ok, I figured I would get a list of shops for ND going. Seems like rates are outrageous and quality is low so I'm guessing the good ones are few.
I am doing work out of my garage, so a small weekend shop. I have a basic lathe, and a small mill so I can do some machining. I have a small stick/TIG machine and I'm slightly better than JB weld.
I have been working on trucks all my life, starting back when I was 15 years old trying to keep junk ford 80s trucks on the road, and you guys have seen my truck. I can do about everything short of machine and engine. I'm planning on driving out to Ben at BT and have him teach me the correct way to build an ally, so I will be able to do that.
Now I am weekend only, I have a busy day job so it might take me a while to get to it. I go slow, but it will be done right. One of the reasons my rates are so much lower than the other shops is good chance I will take some extra time looking at the tech manuals, and stopping to look at things a little longer. But with the cheap rate you will end up paying less for much higher quality work.
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Where are ya located? I'm in williston.
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Hes in minot bout 100 miles from you
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New one just opened in williston..doin a lot of stuff to my duramax. S&J Diesel, 701-572-4937, on the corner of first st and main st.
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Any updates on shops in ND?
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Default In ND, first time Duramax owner need advice on upgrades

Hey guys, i just bought my first diesel truck and was interested in doing some upgrades to it with my primary goal being to increase fuel milage. I've heard that chipping it can do this along with an intake and exhaust. My main question is about going the chip route, i've heard many people say that's an easy way to blow up an engine. Is this just people that didn't know what they're doing or is chipping it not a good idea? I know it boosts your HP and that's fine but honestly all i'm really looking for are ways to get better gas milage. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. I'm in Watford City, 50 miles from Williston.
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Efilive from one of our vendors and a set of gauges. No chips

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