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Default LML Race Pitman/Idler Set Up

I am considering going with your race pitman and idler set up with stock centerlink for my 2013 LML. My truck is one of the rare few with the weird bushing centerlink and was wondering if you guys offered this centerlink drilled for your race pitman arm? I ask because dmaxstore has a similar set up but requires going to the standard centerlink.

The truck has a 4" lift on 35s and is my daily driver. Are there any drawbacks with this set up for street use I should be aware of, or is it pretty daily driver friendly?

Also I currently have cognito braces on and was wondering if these offer any benefit with this set up or if you could even run them with it? This set up should stop the centerlink from rolling so I don see the point of the cognito braces, but thought I would ask.

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