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Originally Posted by AJH View Post
I'm no Leo but I see it as the inside of your vehicle as private property which by some state laws it is.

Id like to know how small some of you are to not be able to conceal xyz. I'm 5'11" 165 and I have carried a full size M&p/tlr1 concealed in a bravo concealment holster. Also have an alien gear that's damn comfortable but it's not setup for the light.
You nailed it. In Florida you can carry in your vehicle without a CC permit. The law states the inside of your vehicle is your domain. The same as your house and you may protect yourself with deadly force. Castle doctrine. I'm a resident of Florida and I understand that law doesn't follow me when I cross state lines. But I'm also required to keep a gun holstered if carrying even in Florida. So just putting it in my door is not an option. With my setup, I can just flip the snap open and pull it right from the holster below my steering column. It works for me.

When I'm out of my vehicle, I have a 2nd holster just like what's under my steering column I wear on my belt under a shirt or sweatshirt if the weather allows. While gone from home, I only carry a glock 30. Since I can't carry at work, I usually don't have it when I go get groceries or anything else since I do that right after work. The g30 is a heavy gun so my hip works for me but like I said, it's really a rare occasion when I do carry outside my vehicle.

I'm 6'2" 250lbs. I seem to fill in the driver compartment nicely. I'm not too fond of driving my wife's Accord. Feels like a sardine can compared to my duramax. And all I can do is lay it on the floor under the drivers seat in a holster since hers is in the door pocket.

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I always give the cops my CHL and DL when I get pulled over. Then they know your one of the good guys and go look for someone else.

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I got a holster like my friend let me borrow. A Galco KT662B for the Springfield XDs. Simplest reason is I didn't want to buy one and not like it and have to buy another. I moved this one to the 4:30 position and wore it for a week until mine just came in. I have gotten used to it back there instead of on the side or in the front. I tried it in the front and couldn't get comfortable with it. If it were to discharge I don't want to have to raise my arm to pee. Thank everyone for your input!
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I have three CC pistols I carry, based on how I am dressed and what I am doing.

1. For board shorts and t-shirt, I carry a Taurus TCP .380(6+1 single stack) in a GALCO leather AIWB holster.
2. For when I have more clothes on, I carry a Walther CCP 9mm(8+1 single stack) in a Dara Kydex AIWB holster.
3. For long driving trips, I carry a Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV in .410 shotgun(1+1 over under) in a Bad Driving holster(Google it...). The .410 loaded with Winchester PDX Defender with 6 slugs and 26 BBs per shell is a BEAST!
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