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Default Difference in rear adapter housings?

Ok so I have got a cracked rear housing. 04 GMC 2500hd 4x4 lb7. I have found 3 different places selling them.

Merchant: Just the housing but says it has new c5 apply piston $485. With gaskets $504. 12 month warranty


LDS: Housing does not say it comes with piston or not $475


Amazon ACDelco: Housing $330 12 month warranty. With gaskets $362.


I am all for you get what you pay you pay for but they all have the same part #29544804. Why such a big difference in price? I can see $50 but $150 seem off to me some how. I know if it sounds to good to be true it is, but this is strange. As far as returns I will have to ship it back with either option so no big deal there.

Thanks in advance.
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Amazon hands down
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That was my thought but wanted other opinions.
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Originally Posted by Ne-max View Post
Amazon hands down
^^^^^^ What he said.
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Ran into the same thing when I built the trans in the Suburban. Bought it on Amazon, it was the newer style with the additional webbing. Trans shop said I got it cheaper than they could, so they called their supplier. Supplier said Amazon has it cheaper than HE could get it.

I think Amazon just sells so much ACDelco stuff they get a discount

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