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Default Stock OS number

Can anyone tell me me what the operating system number (or a link) for a 2005 extended cab short bed 4x4 DMAX/Ali? the one for the trucks that had the GM TSB for the LBZ mouthpiece and air box.the cops in so cal busted me for modified emissions equipment. And Iíve got to take some things back to stock befor I go see the smog referee, and the previous owner did not provide me with the stock tune files. If it helps the VIN# 1gchk29225e316930
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Enter your VIN and it will tell you every single module's OS and CVN (checksum) that is expected for the truck.

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I have an up-to-date stock read when I thought my ECM was failing. It was the most recent as per feb/march-ish 2017.

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Have you got a copy of your current modified tune files?

Do you have a way to flash the ECU?

Also I have heard you can just pay the fine and not ever take it to the referee
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