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Default Shout Out To Top Notch Garage

Josh Harris (aka Bonjour) @ Top Notch Garage has been a huge help with the LBZ. Couldn't do any of this without his expertise. We finally got it running again last month and made some passes recently. I am thrilled with the performance so far. Put down 1199hp on the dyno for giggles and laid down a nice easy 6.76 @ 104mph with a smooth 1.64 60ft. Can't wait to turn it up.

FI 472/87/1.0 & 491/100/1.45 compounds
10mm Exergy & 10mm S&S pumps
250% F1 Diesel injectors
SoCal Stage 2 motor
SoCal billet narrow rod crank
9100af cam
Stage 1 heads
Carillo rods
Mahle forged pistons
Built trans by Josh
Tuning by Josh

Hopefully the LBZ block will survive long enough to enjoy it a bit. We have an LML block waiting for the worst.

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2015 Denali CC/SB LML, Farm Truck
2013 EC/SB LML, The Test Rig
2013 RC/LB LML, The Beater
2006 RC/LB LBZ, Tow Mirror Killer. Under the knife again and looking for more horsepuppies.

Big thanks to Josh Harris, Josh Chambers, and my brother Russell Coker for all the help with the LBZ.
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