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Default Shows off your favorite/s or the one that got away

Lets have a little fun with pics in here. I love old revolvers, specially done up ones with western scrolling and customizing. All about old style bolt action rifles too or muzzloaders. Give a little story if you like or just show off what your proud of to own.

Couple years ago, i was building my buddy Levi's engine for his dmax and his truck needed some love in other areas than just the engine. I had always wanted a done up revolver to either just keep on a shelf or put away to hand down. cost was never in my thought and wanted it unique. levi is big into guns and has good friends that do this kind of work. Worked a trade deal and gave him my Ruger GP100 my dad gave me when for christmas years ago (bought it new for me as he knew how much i liked revolvers over others). I think the cool part is now that my soon to be born son will have the same first and last name as my dad and i, it will be something cool to hand down to him down the road.

ill find some pics of my shotgun and post a story with that. Im not a huge gun guy but ive got some toys. This ruger, s&W MP Shield 9mm i daily carry, Savage HMR 17 i just picked up, ruger 10/22, and my 1976 or 75 S&W 12ga semi auto.
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Mike L is my role model. I want to be like him when I grow up.

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BIG THANKS TO: Mike L, Steve, Trent, Guy, Dan, Ruben, Josh H, Scott, Brian and everyone else who has put a hand in to help me.

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Nice revolver James! Revolvers have a special place in my heart too.

The only 2 I have in my possession. Top is my grandfather's Stevens Arms crack-shot 22 long rifle. I know it has a homemade firing pin and other parts. Its beat up and only has sentimental value.

Bottom is my wife's grandfathers Riihimaki .222 my understanding is they are extremely accurate varmint rifles and fetch $1k. It's a beautiful gun.

We have a few more that are coming to me. Nothing fancy or that should even be shot any longer probably.

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I have one that almost got away. When I still lived at home I had my guns in Mom and Dads safe. I went out one day and noticed the browning buck mark .22 pistol was gone. Iíve had that gun for 15+ years. I ask Dad what happened to the browning pistol? He said I sold it to your brother. I said it was mine, he said thatís between you and him. I said what? I called my brother and said I need my pistol back and you can get your money from Dad. The next day I bought my own safe.

Our son is the only male of his generation. My brother and all our cousins have daughters. One of my cousins has two daughters and also has a lot of guns and for our sons second birthday he told me, Iím gonna give him a gun. I want him to have it to keep in the family and pass it down. He comes over and has a gun wrapped up. We open it and itís a Beretta Ducks Unlimited 12 gauge. Never been fired, only made 3,500. Beautiful gold inlay. All the chokes, etc. I was amazed.

The first duramax I had a friend that had an aluminum camper shell and I bought it for $500 and put it on for hunting season. I hated it, couldnít see. After hunting season I put it on Craigslist, for 2 years. I would have taken $250 to get it out of our yard. I changed my listing to ďtrade for man toyĒ. A guy text me a picture of a stainless revolver and ask would I trade. I said yes. I didnít even ask what it was, I didnít care I just wanted camper gone. He comes over, we trade and I get to looking and itís a Smith & Wesson 66-4 .357, I get to reading about them and found they made it in several barrel lengths and 3Ē is the rarest. Well I got a tape and this one is a 3Ē. I carried it over to a friend who owns a gun store and he offered me $700 on the spot. I said I guess I better hang onto it, still got it.
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Oh Lordy! Next to trucks, guns are my greatest passion, especially stainless pistols!!!

I'll post some pics of my AH Fox Sterlingworth Side by side, it was my grandfathers...
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After seeing my first James Bond movie I was hooked on the franchise. I always wanted a Walther PPK and I always told myself one day I would have one. Well after years of telling myself that I finally got one a while ago.
While searching for one I had told myself it has to be legit. no knockoffs, no late model versions, no 380 versions. After years of looking around I picked up a very clean, legit, 1935 British Police Walther PPK in .32ACP and I couldn't be happier.
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I donít have a huge collection of firearms, but the one Iím most proud of is the first one I owned. It isnít anything fancy. Itís just a cheap Winchester Model 70 chambered in .270 WIN made in the mid 90s that my dad bought second hand and gave me for my 18th birthday. A few years back I swapped out the synthetic stock for this laminated stock from Boydís and put on a cheap Redfield scope. It isnít anything fancy, but it shoots well enough that it has killed every deer Iíve ever shot at with it.

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This is my favorite out of the few I have. Dad gave it to me when I was about 10. Itís just an off-brand youth .357 lever action. As you can see itís not very long. Iíve killed a few deer, Along other animals with it. Just a cool little gun Iíll always have.

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im up to about 17 or 18 guns once i finish my current build.

This is my S&W Model 29-2 1980, target hammer and trigger 6 or 6.5'' barrel, IIRC last year of recessed cylinder, pinned barrel and hand fit at the end of the line, don't shoot it very often, but probably wont get rid of it.
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