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Default Questions.. Noob to diesel

I'm a noob when it comes to the world of diesel and is, not 100% sure what things have to be taken major care of when it comes to the beast.

1.) oil change (how often KM wise)
2.) fuel filter ( was told by the dealer that I need to do it every other oil change )
3.) air filter ( how often change ) ( also thinking of getting a K&N stock replacement https://bestarny.com/duramax-fuel-filters/ for now )

Also, any other things that I should get done or keep an eye on

I just got the Tranny Oil https://www.walmart.ca/en/automotive...g-fluids/N-239 and filter changed, Motor oil and filter changed, front and rear diff fluid changed and the transfer case fluid changed

i also found out my injectors have been replaced under the warranty so that's a lot of worry off my back.

thanks any help will be grateful
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