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You set the bar high for us all Russ! Thank you for reminding us that family comes first!

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Originally Posted by SmokeShow View Post
Hate to see it go, Russ, but totally understand and admire your reasoning. Good dude!

It may seem unlikely, but my wife has some undiagnosed condition that we've likened to fibromyalgia but I'm thinking she may have a mild/moderate form of the CFS. She deals with everyone of those symptoms listed. It's not so bad she's debilitated (she's a SAHM with our 3.5yo boy) but the [leg] pain and fatigue can certainly slow her down. Really sad because she was a workout feen. It was "her thing" much like diesels are ours. Now she just can't. Been about 10 years. Most of the pain she manages with a non-inflammatory diet. I'd die if I had to eat like she does.
I definitely don’t wish her illness on anybody, and it’s great that your wife isn’t too bad off. Not many people understand the daily struggle, wish the best for your family. I totally get the workout issue, my mom was a NICU RN and had to quit, it literally broke her heart. Any exercise physically or mentally puts her down hard for weeks at a time.. Holidays aren’t like they used to be, that’s for sure. Noise makes her brain function too much, and it puts her down as well.

Thank all of you guys for the kind words, it means a bunch!
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Ya that makes the holidays rough. Sometimes I donít even want to come home for the holidays seems like everybody I need to visit is in the hospital/nursing home or I have to visit their grave.

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Absolutely nothing! I miss my truck
Using my dads pos ram to drive 5 hrs north from our hunting farm to pick my wife and son up from her parents in Michigan
I donít understand how people enjoy driving these things
There so dang rough lol
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And a few other retired Duramax's
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