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Originally Posted by Chevy1925 View Post
we are not here to beat a dead horse.

If people would like to compare factual information like charts and so on with lawnboy, i see no issue with that. there is no reason we cant be civil if lawnboy is. if you come in with crap like above or short statements, your post wont last. give something to back up what you are stating and discuss like adults.

Incase you guys havenít noticed. Duramax is sucking hind tit when it comes to Cummins. I donít want to hear about street trucks. I want to hear about purpose built pulling trucks. When it comes to to the bigger classes we canít hold a candle to the the Cummins. So instead of bashing everybody maybe come together to try and get ahead. But Iím starting to think the Duramax is going to have a hard time catching Cummins. Prove me wrong

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After reading this I am glad I went with the cam and heads I chose for my 2.5 truck, I don't have the wallet some of you PPL boys have but this is an excellent thread of information. I think the gains that the duramax has made In the last 5 years it wont be long to catch up to the dinosaur. I wonder if injection has anything to do with the ability of a mechanical motor to create such power. They can get a giant amount of fuel to dump at the precise time where as these bosch injectors are limited to 500 overs. mechanical injectors in comparison are up to an 800 over injector. not saying that is the answer but from what ive been told could be some of our issue. also if you take a 12v head and port the hell out of it you've got a place for all that air to go through as well. I think before long these shops will get this 8 cyl motor figured out. good luck to all you fellow pullers this summer and lets try and share some information on what we find works and doesn't work!
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