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I wouldn't be very worried if yours isn't evaporating coolant. My issue could be totally unrelated, no idea yet.. We'd been data logging about everything possible, but the seawater and coolant reservoir pressure gauges were just old analog dials I pulled out of the boat. So those were only captured on cell phone video.

After lunch we'd popped Marks Bullseye cartridge in there and brought the engine up to 155F. Then just shoved throttle down for 10 seconds and let the dyno start doing it's thing to get new numbers real quick. Was looking good up to about 3800R, then we saw liquid shoot across the room. When I looked up the pressure gauge was at zero, so I knew what it was.

According to Evans you should never see more that 2-3psi on your cooling system. Which makes for a great way to test for any cyl press leaks.. On the first engine, that was certainly the case. But on this engine, it seemed to make a couple PSI more on average once the RPM's and load came up. And we thrashed on both engines pretty good, for extended time periods to replicate real world in the boat.

Plan is now have my engine machinist buddy check both heads for true, then put it behind me. Luckily both heads can be pulled in like 30min, I'll post some pics when I yank em. But for a non o-ring stock head setup, I'm really happy with the performance. Heck I was happy at 800hp loaded where these will likely be limited once they go into the boat. But customer wanted to see numbers closer to 1000hp, cause HP looks good on paper as Leno says.. lol

The easy math is the old pair of blown BBC's making around 685tq at 6500r pushed a 12k lbs of boat up to 96mph. I believe these diesels making only 1200ft-lbs each at 3600rpm shouldn't have any trouble matching that speed. And ya won't ketch me pushing this hull much above 100mph anyways, so there ya go..
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Sweet project
Awesome job your doing
Me likes it
Keep Trucking
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Originally Posted by kidturbo View Post
Before I move to far into the next stages of the build, I wanted to give a big shoutout to MarkBroviak, Larry, and all the crew at Danville Performance for allowing me to basically live in their shop for a month. It's a super clean facility, and I'm a major slob, just ask my wife, or Mark for that matter.. lol

Anyways I borrowed countless tools, made plenty of messes, and ate every bag of Cheetos up front in the customer waiting area. Even left my junkass broke down cumbucket parked in the side lot for a week, while taking up a second spot with one of my rental car"S"..

When I finally did a bypass belt on my locked up AC pump, and then the dam Dodge tries to kill me on I70 four times hauling one of the Duramax engines home. DEATH WOBBLE!! Called that for a good reason.. Guess it was pissed I'd left it parked beside a blown up Powerstroke for over a week, then tossed a Duramax in the bed and expected it to get me home. Which it did, at 45mph on side roads in the pouring rain for 5hrs.

That's just one of the 4 trips over and back. Every one had some stupid adventure added. Like week of FFA convention, every hotel booked, so I went AirBnB and slept in a barn one night.. And I haven't even got started on the fab work, electrical gremlins, dyno issues, oil leaks, coolant leaks, belts eating the cam sensors, or Mark making a dang good effort at removing a knuckle while machining out some exhaust V-band flanges. If he's slow to reply on email, it's cause he was down to only 6 working fingers and was typing with thumbs when I last saw him...

Hope that gives ya an Idea of what went into testing and tuning these engines. According to all our logs, we started out around 640hp, and some 20 "logged" pulls later was finally happily into the 900's, on the second engine. Sure we could have just tossed some huge injectors in there and a big single off the shelf and been done within a week. But goal was to do this cleanly, slowly, and test all hardware as if it was running in a boat. So once I drop them in the boat, no big surprises like the cooling system can't keep up. Or better yet, those twins are too big and can't make enough boost to get the boat on plane. Remember, we a buying "2" of everything on this job.

If you go back several pages someone ask how I was doing things differently than the guys in Utah building my buddies C powered Skater engines. To which I replied, "not going to just toss em in and drop the hammer." We spent a good bit of time doing part throttle stuff fully loaded in the 500-700hp range logging data. Then moved up to WOT loaded runs, and confirmed the twins wern't gonna achieve the power we needed, cleanly. And guess who has more dyno data on different turbo setups than probably Gale Banks?

So I ended up learning a lot about turbos, and Mark learned why he never wants to own a boat that uses more than oars for power. I'd love to spent another week testing with larger injectors and the new turbos, but some guy from Exergy wanted to play with his fancy Cummins engine.. Lucky for him one of mine started leaking past the head gaskets, and I'd all ready hauled the second engine home.

I'll post up some new pics taken over the month for everyone to enjoy. Mark has at least 100hrs of video footage to share, if he could figure out how to use his dang DVR.
Lol, I knew going into this project that I was going to be pulling my hair out on it! Ken is a great guy and good friend through all of it and that is the reason why I wanted to help him out with it and it was a break from the normal day to day that I do. As Ken said, he is a bit unorganized but that comes with the territory lol. I am very glad to have been able to get him and Dave to their goals with it and do it as reliably and safely as possible. This is a huge deal because of the pain staking measure that we went through to verify and test everything to make sure it would not only work but live for more than 30 seconds at power! This testing was unlike anything we do in the truck market because you just never do anything like this other than towing out west in the mountains to sustain the load for long durations and we all know how that works with big power lol. I personally can't wait to go for a ride in this boat when it is fully assembled and ready to make waves! Definitely going to be one of the coolest boats on the water and I'm glad to be a small part of the team, thanks Ken!
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