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Default I messed up

Alright fellas,
Iíll be the first to admit I f$cked up here. Bought a legit tech 2 a while ago to relearn my vane sensor. Did the relearn and all was fine for a few days. Cel came back on for the same code. While I had it hooked up I recalibrated my hvac module. Also noticed I had PTO programming options. This is where I screwed up. After two days of fiddling around with the settings and didnít take note to what the settings where BEFORE I messed with them, it seems itís stuck in standby mode. Idle yesterday in park was 800 rpm put foot on brake or in drive no problem back in park or foot off brake itís idles right back to 800 rpm. Itís now sitting at 650 rpm and sounds like garbage. But as soon as I put my foot on the brake or put it in drive itís back to normal idle. High idle mod was done. Doesnít seem to cancel out through the cruise control. Someone help if they can!!!!!
2002 GMC 3500 Lb7 converted to LLY, all 2005 electronics. Deleted, studded, 141k on stock bottom end
300k on chassis
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