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Default EGR & finger stick installed, still throws EGR code

So heres the deal, I have a 2005 LLY duramax, the EGR cooler and valve was deleted the other day along with the application of finger stick wiring to trick the EGR code. I also have an Edge Evolution cs2 tuner installed, nothing special just the basic 4 levels so far (economy, tow, performance, extreme) The EGR kit I installed came from Sinister Diesel along with a high flow air pipe. Here's the issue: the EGE was deleted, finger stick wiring was installed but according to my tuner and scan tool my truck is still throwing EGR codes (aka all worried about it being gone). I know the delete and wiring was done correctly by a reputable mechanic. Has anyone had this issue? Is there a possibility my truck has Cali emissions and I have to do one more silly step to bypass this thing? As far as I know the EGR codes have not affected my trucks performance. Thanks in advance!
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The finger stick simply stops the codes for low EGR flow. You still have to have a functional EGR valve installed to stop the EGR codes. If you completely remove the EGR valve, then you have to find a tuner to shut the codes off for it as the finger stick will not do anything for actual EGR valve codes.
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