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Originally Posted by McRat View Post
I run so much timing in my tunes that it makes baby Jesus cry.

And have melted enough pistons to bump Mahle's stock up 2 points.

The popular theory is to run big injectors and shorter duration with less timing. But people STILL crack pistons.

I have an LBZ piston on my bench (from a friend) that looks like it was cracked at the factory. Like new, just in two pieces. Probably superglue it back together and run it.

Note that melting, not cracking pistons, is what was my downfall each time I blew an engine up from piston damage.

Hmm so for 600whp would 30% over injectors seem plenty ? I'm not asking much and I know my trans will need help real soon just mainly concerned about the engine being it's twice the cost as a trans and I can always just drive around in a lower switch position haha

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