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Posting in in mPA is why everyone missed it...I didn't bother to convert it to psi until just now, yes, 1500psi is considered the proper starting pressure, less is usually a sign of worn/bypassing injectors but of course a leaking hard line give the same symptom...be thankful you have an LBZ now where you can actually see/get to those lines...had you still had the LB7 you'd have 8hrs worth of disassebly to get there and probably would have a crankcase full of fuel.
Glad you got it solved.
Len Barron
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Great note from another thread - wanted to put it here as well.
There is no "min pressure" the ECM needs to see before firing off the injectors. Rather, the internal design/springs/check valves/etc.. of the injector won't enable actual fuel to come out until it sees that ~14-1500 psi of pressure. ECM is asking it to fire, but nothing will happen until enough pressure to overcome the internal parts of the injector.
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