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Default 2011 LML cam swap tuning?


Buddy's truck he bought at auction had been deleted and had a mini maxx tuner in it. We got it running (no PCM in it) and threw the tuner in it. (Tuner was put to stock).

Found out head gaskets were blown, so went through all that, studded it and finished deleting the EGR system. Stock otherwise.

One year later it breaks the crank (and my heart... hate working on this thing). We put a new crank in it and after much reading and cajoling on my part we spring for a Wagler A/F Stage 1 cam to help keep the crank alive.

Now that it's back running he says it doesn't have the power it used to with the stock cam. I've covered all my bases, swapped injector wires and moved the injector numbers in the ecu to match. Idles and runs real smooth but he says it's slow to light the turbo.

He runs around empty a lot but on a whim he'll tow heavy, a dually (8 wheels) camper straight to the mountains or he'll randomly latch onto a heavy piece of equipment so I'm scared to take him off the tow tune.

Does a cam swap in a diesel require tuning, and what are my options for getting this done?

Thanks a ton in advance.

For the tl;dr's,

2011 LML

ARP studs

Wagler Stage 1 A/F camshaft

Full delete.
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