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Originally Posted by SmokeShow View Post
Just know if you push up around 900ft-lb of torque through that NP205 (which you'll do if you make 425rwhp - especially in a loaded up, low rev situation offroad), you're going to bust the case on it. Not if, when.
Wow, I had never heard of people breaking 205 cases. That must be common in sled pulling?
2002 LB7/ZF6 CCSB Sierra 4x4
340k miles
Stock...for now

KP D60 front, ORD leafs front/rear, Twin Stick NP205, 4.56 gearing locked rear, PSC steering/hydro assist , 37"s on H1 wheels, Titan or Aerotank replacement

SAC45% Injectors, SB SD clutch, Kennedy pump and filter heads, S&B intake, ProFab up/down pipe, manifolds, Mild Tune from Rob
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