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Default White Lightning's new engine break in on the engine dyno/turbo testing!

I figured I would post this up on here since it is pretty interesting stuff. I built a new motor for White Lightning with some help from Guy at SoCal, Exergy Performance, John (Fingers) and of coarse my shop. I was nervous about having another stock crank fail during my up coming 1/2mile race so we decided on a new block fitted with a SoCal/Bryant Extra Narrowed Rod Journal billet crank and Carillo rods with 15:5Comp Oval Race cast pistons. Oringed the block and used 625+studs in SoCal stg2 heads and the new 9200AF SoCal cam! I'm running Exergy 250%inj and 14mmCp3. So to break it in and try to get it sealed up before throwing my triple setup back on it and going full potato I decided to throw a stock LMM core turbo on it and let it eat. Then I decided I should set it up with a dsp5 and then change turbos to show you guys what the differences are and what it actually does for you. So with the stock LMM turbo it did the following-

Tune1 435Hp 781ftlbs 25psi boost 1300degrees max
945us 14degrees
Tune2 495Hp 941Ftlbs 29psi boost 1500degrees Max
1130us 16degrees
Tune3 520hp 1033ftlbs 31psi boost 1600degrees Max
1175us 17.5degrees
Tune4 550hp 1105ftlbs 33psi boost 1670degrees Max
1310us 19degrees
Tune5 450hp 850ftlbs 30psi boost 1400degrees Max Way over fueled!
1525us 20degrees

Next turbo will be a 2.5Stg1 I think or I may just jump to my stg2 and I will just go up through my turbo line up and post the results as I do it over the next week or so. I will leave the fueling alone and only change the vane tuning when needed. I have a set load file for the dyno which is a 1800rpm to 3700rpm sweep over 15 seconds so it is good and loaded the entire time. Here is the video from tune 3 from outside. I will also post a picture of the dyno sheet with the runs on it. Hope you guys enjoy this. Stay tuned!

06 LBZ "White Lightning" 2wd rclb DP built motor Carillo, 15.25:1 "Finger" Oval Pistons w/reliefs, Socal Titanium upgraded springs on Stock heads w/Socal Billet injector holddowns,ARP, head-main-rocker studs,Soca Billet mains& Dampner, Chromoly pushrds, DP B72mmstg2R1VGT/StainlessDiesel S472/87 1.0SS triples, DHD Cast SuperHighflow intake, Exergy 14mmCP3 & 250%inj,Fass, PPE Race Valve PPE Manifolds, Banks Technicooler, AFE Boost tube, SC GMax6 Goerend "G" Grizzly Locker 3.42 gears, 1198+++hp 2k+ftlbs
Current fastest pass 1.520 60ft 6.705@108.95mph 1/8th 10.242@140.11mph
Current Standing 1/2Mile record holder for Diesel Pickup @ 159.8mph
Made it on fastest DMax list with Single VGT and single cp3 fuel only! 1.589 60ft 6.9291@103mph 1/8th 10.96@127.76mph
Stock motor best 11.277@119mph B68mmStg2R 250%inj 12mmcp3

Wife's tow rig-08 LMM SierraHD SLT2 "Stormy" CCSB murdered out 68mmSTG2R Exergy 12mmcp3 1/8th 7.93@88mph 1/4-12.408@109.18mph
06 GP GXP 5.3L StealthGray Metallic
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Awesome info
EFI live, ARP Studs, shim kit, Afe stage 2 intake, Air Dog 150, Exhaust 4inch, MikeL trans , Autometer gauges, DHD Centerlink Brace, Dmaxstore Tie Rods, pump rub fix.

2017 wrx six speed..
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Thanks for this Mark!
2006 CCLB LT3 Victory Red

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S472sx-e .87/1.0ar w/ SDP Piping
Wagler street intake
Custom 80" Trac Bars by MBS Diesel
ADII 165
Full Kryptonite Front end
PPE manifolds up pipes
Special Thanks to:Scott@SDP
Tuned by:Blake@UDT
Best time to date: 12.08 @ 112.58 1.76 60ft
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Awesome, Thanks mark. Good luck in the 1/2
Limitless trans
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Built front end
All the bolt ons
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HB/brake upgrades
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Nice work as always Mark
Trying some new things...
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That thing is sick!
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2005 2500 CC/SB "LLY" LTZ
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awaiting stuff to go BooM then replace with more go fast parts!

And a few other retired Duramax's
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These are the best posts #science

EFI by Idaho Rob | 5in Straight Pipe | Isspro Ev2 Gauges | Titan 52gal Fuel Tank | Banks Intake/Filter | DJM Shackles | PCV Reroute | Custom Power Steering Cooler

1983 c10/Cummins Conversion - On Hold

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Great thread!
08 LMM Crew 4x4
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Exergy 12mm
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Nice build subd
2006 Chevy 2500HD LBZ Duramax Summit White CCSB Tan (neutral) leather LT3 pkg w/sunroof OEM bra 4x4, ISSPRO EV, ATS Twin CP3's, Built Allison, Eaton E-locker front stock G80 rear, Kennedy Twin pump filter combo kit, Snow Perf Stage 2 w/m injection, 4in to 5in banks tip, HM Big K&N, Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC 315/75/16 on stock rims, Rancho RS9000XL, Fabtech HD TR, Cognito P&I Brace kit, DD/Puller/Work Truck

2002 Chevy 2500HD LB7 Duramax Summit White CCSB Grey (neutral) leather LT3 pkg OEM bra 4x4, Kennedy Twin Pump Filter Combo Kit, ISSPRO EV, PPE Boost Valve, DTS Built Allison, MikeL Cooler, ATS Billet Flexplate, DTS 3in DS IC pipe, Bill's 5in CAI (White), Big K&N, 4in to 7in black stack, Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC 315/75/16 on stock rims, Cognito P&I Brace kit, Sleeves, Energy Sway bar Kit, DD/Puller/Work truck

Special Thanks: (David) DTS, (Guy) Socal Diesel, (Nick & crew) DuramaxTuner, (Dan) PPE, (John) Kennedy Diesel, (Tony) All Season
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Thanks for all the info Mark!
Great work!
2001 chev ec/sb 4x4. Built motor and trans.
Danville Performance Tuned
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Now there is a comparison!

In for the results!
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And who said a vgt can't sound good?
04 GMC ECSB LLY - Mix breed trans/SC1056 - Profab - PPE - Kennedy twin pumps/pickup - Danville tuning: 531/944
I can't complain, but sometimes I still do
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550hp on a engine dyno is there some sort of corection in that? I though without driveline loss it would max out over 600.

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This will make my next turbo choice so much easier! Thanks Mark !
2003 2500 hd cc/sb (leftovers) MPS 63.5 ihi, built trans, airdog 150, 30 overs..... Sold

New and improved! 2007 classis lbz LS ec/sb

Egr delete, pcv re-route, PIPED, airdog 4g 165,

Danville performance tunes.
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