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If you like your PPEI tunes and don't want to go back to that shop, look a buying an Autocal with an optimized stock tune and a couple tow tunes. You don't NEED to put a switch in (you'll just have to shut the truck down to load a new tune) and IMO 5 tunes is pointless with a stock trans.
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Isn't this forum way beyond this crap? Next we'll be discussing how often to change the spin on filter.
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Max Effort tune. FTW.
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Originally Posted by dk2429 View Post
I don't understand why y'all are trying to sell me on transmission builds. How much more can i explain this ? What is a programmer or switch where i can put the truck back on stock when towing? I don't have time nor cash for a transmission build. I'm working out of town starting next week and towing for the next 2 months. All I want is for someone to tell me an apparatus to pull the ****ing tune out of the truck with an 8,000lb rig on the rear.... This isn't a race truck. Im actually using it for what it was built for.... I know y'all like building your trucks up to hot rod them and haul ass, but that's not my objective. I'm going to talk to the shop Monday about a switch or something, im just trying to get some input in advance. If we can't figure something out of the shop im just gonna tell them to put that sob back on stock and give me my $$$ back for the tune i didn't even ask for.
Nobody here was trying to sell you anything. From literally years of experience, everyone here was trying to SAVE you from having to spend big money down the road based on what you're going to do with the truck. But you dont want to hear that.

Look, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about mods with these trucks. You were choosing the wrong way. The guys here know that. Also, this is a performance-based forum, so our opinions/answers will skew that direction. So think about that....

Yep, it'll still cost money no matter which direction you take....and nothing in this world is free. But its certainly a lot less money than if you screw up your trans and have to build it. Just put in a 40hp tow tune (with EGR delete) and leave the rest of the truck alone.

But WTF do any of us know? Im done. Good luck.
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