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Default Help with tune

Hello, I'm new here but been visiting for help on various things many times. I have a question about a tune. I have a 2003 lb7 and my brother has a 2009 lmm.
I don't want any real horsepower gains out of it more or less the best fuel economy I can get and one for towing.
My questions are.
Would EFI Live be extreme or worth the money?
Can you use EFI Live or PPE like a tech 2 or is it not that advanced?
If I do go with EFI Live and one of the four tune packages could I get two tunes for each truck to save some money?
I've been a mechanic for years but never really ventured into the tune and program side of things. The truck has been used to tow a lot and I am more concerned now with making it last as long as possible then I need it to tow. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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EFILive is definitely worth the money if you plan on playing with the trucks in the future. Getting tunes from a reputable tuner will be a lot better then then PPE. If you buy the V2, you can use it as a diagnostic tool. It can read balance rates, log several PID parameters, and flash tunes in your truck as well in many others. The Tech 2 is very nice to have but for a average joe the V2 and its capabilities are enough to diagnose a truck. That being said it allows you to send data logs back to your tuner so he can make adjustments or see if something is really wrong with the truck if it's having problems. On both the LB7 and LMM DSP5 (5 tunes shift on the fly) or single tune option will be just fine for what your doing. You will have to buy back two different tunes setups for both trucks. Once you have a V2, emailed tunes aren't to expensive from a reputable tuner. I suggest you do a little more research on the subject on EFILive and you will find a ton of info that will answer a lot of questions you haven't asked yet.
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