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Originally Posted by Chevy1925 View Post
just FYI, there are no factory "HG grooves", if there are, that is not a good thing unless its been o-ringed.
Originally Posted by Chevy1925 View Post
those are just depression from the fire rings in the head gasket. i would want those cleaned off with decking the block. it will affect compressed gasket thickness and how well the fire ring seals. some reason your heads probably have a fine ring pressed into them.
Just back from the machine shops. First one will have the crank keyed by Tuesday and "will do right by me price wise" for pushing the work off for a bigger job. 4.5 weeks now.

The shop with the block has had it cleaned and pressure tested ($250 wasted) and it looks unidentifiable and rusty compared to what I gave them. I couldn't believe it was mine so I took pictures of the numbers I could find on it to compare to what I have at home. Are the numbers in the valley (which are the same) engine serial numbers? I also grabbed a picture of a lightly etched number on top of the CP3 bridge that I'll compare to what I have. The machinist said those rings were from the gaskets as well. There's another D-max getting done with ARP main studs at the same time.
I got my studs back and am going to get it decked and bored/honed next week (just not line bored for $400!!!) when I bring the piston. Apparently they're needed before a very light decking ensure head to piston gap? How they could tell I can't figure out, because they would need the entire assembly, pistons, crank, rods and bearings to get an accurate measurement. They also spoke of the "Cometic gasket " option made to whatever size needed for piston clearance, but not to use that as an option to change compression ratios, but rather pick the pistons for the goal? As stated mine on hand are the PPE de-lipped Mahle PowerPak 16.5:1 .020 over kit riding on the Carrillos with Clevite H main and rod bearings. Just got the Cerekote piston spray in today and a BD thick flex plate from Thoroughgood Diesel. kind of thinking I should have asked around another week here for a little more specific piston advice and head-piston clearance earlier and possibly gotten something closer to 17:1 +/- . PPE was pressing me to go with 15:1 which from what I found would be way lower then the desired Daily Driver/HP/longevity goals.
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