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Originally Posted by Frogman1 View Post
Fuel system wise, I've made a few high priced mistakes that I think I'm going to have to live with for a couple years at least. The new gt4088r turbo and pedestal being one possible mistake. On the fuel delivery side, I have a 2016 installed CP3 reman-standard size from what I can tell, and then with a no start eBay engine and possibly having a stuck open injector, I went and dropped $2800 on new Bosch factory injectors. I have a new 165gph Airdog4g lift pump, race plug, 1/2" fuel rail inlets and 1/2" fuel pump inlet. Was going to do the 19% over "Bag of Parts" CP3 kit, but then found out that no matter how much air I'm flowing and fuel I'm pumping to the injectors, it won't matter unless I go with either larger injector nozzles, say 100% over ($2K+) or add a supplemental fuel of some sort, i.e. NO2 ($1K) or Propane ($2K). I've looked and Nitros seemed like the least costly, most healthy for the engine option although I would prefer just going with more diesel.
Any pointers on this are welcome, keeping in mind, I've got over 15K engine alone and have yet to hear it run.
Send your injectors and cp3 to Shane Roark, He turned my stock injectors into 100% overs and my stock cp3 into a 10mm stroker for a reasonable price! He is the Godfather of the Stroker pump in my opnion.
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