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Originally Posted by Frogman1 View Post
Each block cylinder bore has a set of fine rings (3-4 of them and not impressions from the head gasket) on the head face. I'll see if I can post a quality picture as I used a scotchbrite on a drill and was careful not to hit them too aggressively around the bores. I've never head of a block being o-ringed and I'll have to have a look into this. I see no reason as when I got this engine and began cleaning and disassembling it, the farmer did nothing special to care for it. I washed nearly an inch of dirt out of the valley. It did have strong compression as stated, a new welded gears water pump and a new rebuilt CP3 with a manufacturer tag dated April 28, 2015. no other mods noted and when I saved the factory settings to my PPE programmer, they were not modified. Let me find some pics.
those are just depression from the fire rings in the head gasket. i would want those cleaned off with decking the block. it will affect compressed gasket thickness and how well the fire ring seals. some reason your heads probably have a fine ring pressed into them.
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